About us and ECN

The Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN), is the largest research centre in the Netherlands in the field of energy. ECN employs about 900 people. Our mission is to develop and help implement sustainable energy technologies. With our work we aim to bridge the gap between fundamental research at universities and the application of this knowledge by industry. We work on a broad range of subjects including high-efficiency solar cells, design of wind-turbine parks, cleaner and more efficient ways to use biomass, low-energy and no-energy concepts for buildings, which will have a large impact on daily life. The main goal of the programme Energy Efficiency in the Industry (EEI) is to develop with our industrial partners innovative solutions for the reduction of energy and raw-materials use in industry.


Since 1998, the ECN has been developing hydrogen separation membranes based on palladium alloys. In these ten years the group has developed an outstanding reputation in the field of palladium membranes and has created intellectual property covering all aspects of the Hysep modules.


For more information on ECN’s activities on process intensification and research on hydrogen separation membranes, please visit: http://www.ecn.nl/units/ei/rd-program/energy-efficiency-in-industry/process-intensification/.



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