Range of Hysep® products

The amount of purified hydrogen which can be recovered from a flow using a separation module is determined by the amount of membrane area. How much membranes will be required depends on the application. The pressure at which the hydrogen rich gas is available and the hydrogen content re the most important parameters. ECN currently offers a range of research modules with different membrane areas.



Standardized hydrogen separation modules


Hysep 108 module

The Hysep 108 module is a single-membrane unit with a total area of 0.06 m2. It is especially suited for a first assessment of performance of ECN membranes under the specific conditions of interest to your application.


Hysep 308 module

The Hysep 308 module is especially suited for those who want to test at somewhat larger flows. It also allows verification of the multi-tube concept.


Hysep 1308 module

The Hysep 1308 module is the largest standard module on offer. It contains 0.5 m2 membrane surface. It can be used to verify both membrane performance and module designs at larger hydrogen fluxes.


Custom hydrogen separation modules

ECN delivers customized hydrogen separation modules based on ECN’s Hysep technology. Based on the required solution that needs to be offered by the module, ECN will design and manufacture a module with one or multiple membranes, of which the membrane surface can vary according to your requirements. For further product information, please contact us for your specification requirements.


To obtain more information on the Hysep technology or on how to order one of our products please contact us.


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Standardized and tailor made Hysep® modules