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CRL Energy

From coal to fuel cell using a membrane
Pd membranes can become a key technology in converting coal into clean energy. CRL Energy in New Zealand has carried out a unique experiment to demonstrate the complete chain from coal to electricity using an TNO membrane as the final step in bring syngas from a coal gasifier to the purity required by a fuel cell.
The project FRST aims at developing hydrogen production technology based on New Zealand’s widely available coal resources as well as biomass. To demonstrate the chain from coal gasifier to fuel cell, syngas from the gasifier was fed to a gas clean-up system and a water gas-shift (WGS) reactor. In a subsequent step the gas was pressurized and fed to the TNO membrane to produce the clean hydrogen flow. This stream was used to make electricity in an alkaline fuel cell. The objective of integrating the entire system, from gasifier to electricity grid, was fully achieved.
About CRL Energy
CRL Energy is an energy and environmental research and consulting company, with specialist knowledge in new energy technologies such as hydrogen and biomass conversion and a strong history in all aspects of fossil fuel energy, particularly coal-related research.
More information can be found on: www.crl.co.nz

Tecnimont KT

Application of separation modules in a innovative hydrogen production process
In the Italian FISR project Tecnimont KT develops a highly innovative hydrogen production process for the petrochemical and refining industry. Membrane modules are used to separate pure hydrogen. By using a sequence of reaction and separation steps, both processes can be operated at optimum conditions while reaching a high conversion. TNO has been selected as a supplier of one of the three hydrogen membrane separation modules for the pilot plant.
The FISR-project is funded by MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research) and furthermore involves seven Italian chemical engineering institutes. The objective is to build a 20 Nm3/h pilot hydrogen plant. Although the membrane technology has been demonstrated on lab-scale, this project represents a significant step from the laboratory to its application in industry.
I3D Illustration of 20 Nm3/h pilot hydrogen plant designed by Tecnimont KT for the FISR project. TNO supplies a hydrogen purification module.
About Tecnimont KT
Tecnimont KT is an international process engineering company, with over 35 years experience in designing and implementing plants for the chemical, petrochemical and refining industries.
For more information, please visit www.technipktispa.it
About the FISR project
The FISR-project’s objective is pure hydrogen from natural gas through total conversion reforming obtained by integrating chemical reactions and separation by membranes.


Hydrogen from solar water cracker
Solar water cracker technology is based on high temperature thermal water dissociation. At elevated temperatures water molecules split into their atomic components hydrogen and oxygen. For this the energy of sun is used. TNO membrane will be used for separation of the produced hydrogen from oxygen. The process does not produce any pollutants or waste, and the produced hydrogen is pure. Fuel cells will be used to transform the produced hydrogen into electricity. The estimated costs of 1kW of electricity produced with this technology is below 10 cents.
About H2PS
H2 Power Systems Ltd was founded in 2008 in Douglas on the Isle of Man. Today is an early stage private company with registered office in Dublin, Ireland. H2PS wants to become the world leader in solar energy and localized hydrogen production.
For more information, please visit: www.h2powersystems.com


The Faculty of Engineering of Bilbao (University of the Basque Country) carries out research on a wide range of catalytic topics, including steam reforming and autothermal reforming. As part of the research programme focusing on Advanced/Innovative Complex Reaction Systems, the environmental engineering section is investigating complete conversion of methane into hydrogen using a membrane reformer. As part of the on-going collaboration with the University of the Basque Country, TNO has supplied the membrane module for this project.

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